In 2015, what began as a normal day for Brayden and his family, ended with an emergency Life Flight to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Twenty-month-old Brayden had a midgut volvulus, caused by a developmental abnormality called intestinal malrotation. Brayden suffered two major strokes and underwent multiple emergency surgeries to remove his small intestine and half of his large intestine. He was given less than a 50% chance of survival. He spent the next 3 months in the hospital recovering from the trauma that his tiny body had experienced. Brayden has been dependent on total parenteral nutrition, tube feedings and vitamin/mineral supplements since receiving the diagnosis of short bowel syndrome.

Since then, Brayden has proven time and again that he is determined to beat the odds. Brayden was selected as a Children’s Miracle Network Champion in Maine.