In July 2023, at 28-years-old, Natalie underwent the Ladd’s procedure as corrective surgery for her diagnosed intestinal malrotation. It is her great pleasure to announce her procedure was a wonderful success.

Prior to the surgery, Natalie’s life was plagued by constant abdominal pain, constipation, and other medical difficulties, all the while she was unaware of her condition. Natalie saw many medical providers, yet no options presented themselves and Intestinal Malrotation was never considered as a cause for her relentless symptoms.

Unwilling to accept the fact that there was no clear answer to her symptoms, Natalie began researching and found the Intestinal Malrotation Foundation. After reaching out to the Foundation, Natalie was put in touch with a provider who had experience working with adults diagnosed with intestinal malrotation, a rare subsegment of the population. Natalie could not be more grateful for the advice and support provided by the IMF and for the life-changing surgery that she received through a competent provider. Natalie loves to share information about Intestinal Malrotation with others in hopes to help those in need with information needed to save or improve lives.